Author Spotlight on Lindsay Harrel

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In between sets at the Grand Ole Opry, we caught up with Lindsay to ask her a few questions:

Ashberry Lane:  Where did the idea for One More Song to Sing come from?

Lindsay Harrel: I’ve always loved country music and always wanted to visit Nashville. I knew I wanted to write a song about a young woman trying to score a record deal (something I dreamed about as a girl). From there, a scene formed in my mind: a twenty-something woman playing in a dive bar, broke, and struggling. That was the first scene I wrote, and it’s now the third scene in what eventually became One More Song to Sing.

AL: Did you every want to be a professional singer and do you play any instruments?

LH: Does taking keyboard lessons in kindergarten count? 🙂 Actually, I have been singing since I was a child, both in church and school productions. I was also the lead singer in a Christian rock band in college. I did consider pursuing a degree in musical theater, but my love of writing won out and I got a bachelor’s in journalism instead. After college, I did some community theater and loved it!

AL: This is a mother/daughter. How did your mom inspire your writing and this story?

LH: My mom was always my biggest fan; in fact, One More Song to Sing is dedicated to her. She actually passed away when I was 19 from cancer. In that time, her love for me and my brother (and my dad) became more evident to me than ever. She was more focused on how everything affected us than on her own pain and discomfort. I’ve known a lot of women who have broken relationships with their own mothers and I long for healing for them, so they can experience the kind of relationship I was blessed to have with my mom. I wanted to write the kind of story that showed God can heal any relationship, no matter how broken.

AL: Have you ever been to the Grand Old Opry like Ellie? If so, what was that like? 

LH: Yes! In August, I attended a writer’s conference in Nashville. We had a free night and some friends and I went to the Opry. It was so neat to see a place I’d written about in real life, to hear the music down in my toes, to experience the joy of performance. I could almost see Ellie up there, singing and strumming her guitar — and becoming a star.

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