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Ashberry Lane secretly met with Sara–or blatantly emailed her in Canada–and asked a few Dragon Roarsquestions about her second book and what remains hidden until book three, The Morning Star Rises, releases in October 2016.

Ashberry Lane
How was writing the second book in the series different from writing the first? Was it more, or less, challenging?

Sara Davison
In many ways, writing The Dragon Roars was easier and more enjoyable than writing The End Begins. With book one, I had to dedicate a large part of the book to setting the foundation for the story, creating a world of the near future, and introducing and developing the characters. By book two, I could focus on going deeper into the story line and the relationships between characters. In the same way that the reader will, hopefully, already know the characters by this time, I felt that I knew them better and was more in tune with their thoughts, feelings, and likely reactions to the situations they find themselves in. As a result, the story flowed more smoothly and I was able to write this book in a much shorter time.

A. L.
Did your characters surprise you in any way and take the story in an unexpected direction, or did you have everything planned out in the beginning?

The short answer is yes. I always have a rough outline when I begin. I particularly like to know how the book will begin and end as I start the writing. I am not a strict plotter, however, and am very often surprised by the things my characters do and say, and the direction they take the story. I’m thankful for this, as it keeps the writing process interesting. I often sit down at the computer, anxious to see what is going to happen next in the story. And most of the time, even if I did start out with an idea of how the story was going to go, if the characters decide to take it in another direction, I will defer to them and follow along, just trying to keep up.

How did Lt. Gallagher become the vindictive, Christian-hater he is?

I can’t actually tell you without giving too much away except to say that this does become clear by the end of book three. Other questions will also be answered. Who are “The Horsemen,” and why are they committing acts of terror in Canada? What heinous activities is Scorcher involved in and what is her end game? And who has been spying on Meryn and why? To learn all this and more, you will have to read The Morning Star Rises!

Thank you, Sara!

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Sara Davison, author of the romantic suspense novel,The Watcher, and the speculative romantic suspense trilogy, Seven, has been a finalist for three national writing awards, including Best New Canadian Christian author. Sara has a degree in English Literature from Queen’s University and is a member of The Word Guild. She currently resides in central Ontario, Canada, with her husband, Michael, and their three children, all of whom she (literally) looks up to. Her favourite way to spend her time is drinking coffee and making stuff up. Get to know Sara better at and @sarajdavison.

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