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Spotlight on Dianne Price

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Ashberry Lane Publishing began with a promise. Dianne Price, a spunky, and tough-as-nails Scots woman, had a dream to see her stories published. But time was running out. Dianne was battling cancer, and rejections and disappointments almost stole her dream away. Then she met Christina and Sherrie and signed a contract with Ashberry Lane Publishing, turning dreams into reality. Dianne’s Thistle series, was, unfortunately, published posthumously, but she died knowing that Ashberry Lane would keep its promise and bring Maggie and Rob’s romantic tale to the world. We are thrilled, and a little sad, to announce that Dianne’s final books, We’ll Meet Again and Maggie’s Dream, are now available for your reading pleasure. Dianne’s dream has been fulfilled. Due to her illness, she was finishing Maggie’s Dream days before her passing. It was in the rough draft stage, so we were not able to publish this book in its full form. However, we want to honor Dianne and her fans by seeing the series to completion, so have chosen the most important scenes in this final book and added them to the end of We’ll Meet Again. Dianne’s dream and Maggie’s dream have become utterly entwined in our minds and hearts as we have worked on this series. We hope you’ve enjoyed the journey with Dianne, Maggie, and Rob. If you have not yet started your travels to the small Scottish island of Innisbraw, get your copies of The Thistle series and start your journey today. Click to Explore the Thistle...

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Author Spotlight on Lindsay Harrel

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In between sets at the Grand Ole Opry, we caught up with Lindsay to ask her a few questions:

Ashberry Lane: Where did the idea for One More Song to Sing come from?

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Author Spotlight on Sara Davison

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What does the Canadian author have to say about the final release in her critically acclaimed Seven Trilogy? Read on to see.
Ashberry Lane: As the series draws to an end, which character will you miss the most and why?

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Spotlight on Bonnie Leon

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Between the release of In the Land of the White Nights, and doing rewrites of upcoming Book 3, we asked Bonnie a few questions about the rewriting process of this series.

Ashberry Lane: You rewrote the first book in the series a couple of years ago, so it makes sense that you would want to redo the others in this series. But why? What have you learned about the craft of writing that made you want to bring fresh life to these wonderful books?

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Author Spotlight on Sara Davison

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Ashberry Lane secretly met with Sara–or blatantly emailed her in Canada–and asked a few questions about her second book and what remains hidden until book three, The Morning Star Rises, releases in October 2016.

Ashberry Lane
How was writing the second book in the series different from writing the first? Was it more, or less, challenging?

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Author Spotlight on Camille Eide

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Ashberry Lane caught up with Camille Eide between classic movie viewings to ask her a few questions:

Ashberry Lane: What is your favorite movie from the 1950s? Why did you like it? What do you think has changed in movies since then?

Camille Eide: It’s difficult to choose one film. Breakfast at Tiffany’s was odd yet mesmerizing. Sabrina was rags-to-riches inspiring. I adore Roman Holiday, on which I blame my girlhood crush on Gregory Peck. And yes, you’re seeing a pattern to these titles. I think Audrey Hepburn was one of the classiest, most beautiful women ever to grace the screen.

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