In the Land of White Nights (Historical Romance)

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Bonnie Leon’s twentieth anniversary edition of In the Land of  White Nights is now available. It is the second book in her Northern Lights series and follows Anna and Eric as they discover and conquer the Alaskan wilderness. But will they overcome the  seduction of gold before winter comes and their family is in danger? Order your copy today.

Bonnie Book two final cover medThe lure of the nineteenth-century gold rush calls to Erik, a civil-war veteran. He and Anna, his Aleutian bride, set sail for a new life together in Sitka.

Anna stands strong against the adversities of the new land with its unfamiliar culture and fearsome challenges. She fights her fears and the prejudice of others, while growing her newfound faith in the white man’s God.

When forced to move farther north and begin again, Anna refuses to give up, allowing nothing to stand in the way of her family’s happiness. They discover joy as well as heartache in the Alaskan wilderness, though Erik’s love of gold may jeopardize all they’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Discover precious nuggets of truth in The Land of White Nights today!


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