Return to the Misty Shore (Historical Romance)

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Can Luba stay true to her husband and her faith?

Find out in Bonnie Leon’s Return to the Misty Shore, her third and final installment of the 20th-anniversary revised editions of the Northern Lights series.

Here’s a little bit about the book to whet your appetite:

In the spring of 1885, Luba Engstrom meets Nicholas Matroona, a strong, brooding Native from the island of Unalaska. Against her parents’ wishes, she elopes, believing love will be enough to bridge the gap between the civilized world of Juneau and the primitive culture of Nicholas’s small village. After all, before Luba was born, her mother lived on a wild Alaskan island until she was forced to leave when a tsunami destroyed her people. But from the moment Luba arrives at Nicholas’s home, she struggles to adapt and learn the village ways.

Will the conflict between her husband’s belief in ancient gods and her faith in Jesus Christ the Redeemer destroy Luba and Nicholas’s relationship?

Grab your copy today and let the adventure begin!


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