We’ll Meet Again/Maggie’s Dream (Historical Romance)

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Will Maggie’s fears stop Rob from following God’s call?
Each time Rob Savage responds to a sea rescue from their Scottish isle, his wife, Maggie, is haunted by nightmares of catastrophe. Could this call be his last? How would she and the children live without Rob? Through stormy rescues, an orphan boy in need of a home, and the mysterious bones of a forgotten child buried long ago, can Maggie and Rob trust God for their futures?

And a special bonus!

Maggie’s Dream:
Just when it looks like life is finally settling into a natural rhythm, two strangers arrive on the isle of Innisbraw and send Rob back to a very dark place. Will the strangers’ plans threaten Maggie’s dream of a croftful of eight children with her dear Rob at her side?

A sweeping love story, the Thistle series follows the lives of a former WWII bomber pilot and his wife, a former RAF nurse, as they make a life on the fictional Scottish isle of Innisbraw in the ’40s and ’50s.

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  1. absolutely the best series I’ve ever read !! I will read the entire series over again now that I’ve gotten # 5. Such a heartwarming story. I cannot say enough about this entire set & I wish Dianne Price were still with us so I could personally tell her how wonderful this story is !!!!

    • We’re so blessed that you have enjoyed this series, and we’re quite sure Dianne is dancing a Scottish jig in celebration too. We hope you enjoy visiting Innisbraw, Maggie, Rob, and their croftful of children for many years to come. Thank you!

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