You aren’t just a book lover. You’re a die-hard.

You have invested blood, sweat, and tears in your reading (The paper cuts, people! The PAPER CUTS!).

You will fight for your reading time with tooth and nail (pass the snacks…and don’t you dare take out my bookmark!).

But do you have opinions, soldier? Do you have what it takes to let those opinions be known? Speak up, recruit! Do you have what it takes to be called elite?

Was that a yes? Then you may be what we’re looking for. You may deserve to join the best of the best. You may be fit to be called one of the Band of Booksters.

Who We Are

The Band of Booksters is a group of the hardiest of die-hard readers. The people who love books like they love oxygen. The people who consider “bookworm” to be the highest compliment they’ve ever been paid.

But a Bookster doesn’t just READ. They have opinions about what they read. They have opinions about book covers. They have opinions about narrators. They know what they’re looking for in a story.

And they want to talk about it.

Well, we want to listen. Sign up for the Band of Booksters, and you’ll be heard. We want your take on those books, those covers, those narrators, those bookish dreams. We want to join together in the bond of booksterhood and take the world by storm.

If you make it into our ranks, then you’ll soon begin receiving top-secret communications via your email inbox. These will include instructions on how to communicate in return. We won’t lie–it’s going to be a challenge unlike anything you’ve signed up for before. You’ll have to participate in polls telling us which book covers you prefer. Which stories you’d like to see. What you feel makes a book a stand-out. You’ll get sneak-peeks of upcoming titles and tantalizing glimpses behind the scenes of the mysterious machine that is WhiteFire Publishing.

Do you have what it takes? Do you have the heart of a BOOKSTER? We’ll see, recruit. We’ll see.